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Vereinsmitgliedformular/Membership Form 

It is very easy to be a member. You can decide the type of membership you want to be. You are free to quit anytime, with a short notice.

Download the Application Form, fill and sign it up then sent via Email or post. 

If for one reason or the other you do not want to be a member but you are convinced that our Program and activities are worthwhile and you want to support us, understated is the Organization account Information.

Account Information:

Name of the Organization:    Diabetes Care West Africa e.V.   (OR)   D. C. W. A. e.V.

Name of the Bank:                  Nassauische Sparkasse, Wiesbaden

Account Number:                   110270436
 Bank Code:                               51050015
 For international donors:

Account name:    Diabetes Care West Africa e.V.   (OR)  D. C. W. A. e.V.
Account No.:        110270436
Bank Code:           51050015
Bank Name:       Nassauische Sparkasse, Wiesbaden/Germany
IBAN:                    DE17 5105 0015 0110 2704 36