Mr. EZEANI, George (President)

Bio-medical Lab Technologist.

Diabetes Educator(DDG)

Founder and Project Manger

Of the Association.

Mrs. Ulrike Poehler. (Vice President)

Diabetes Adviser(DDG)

She is responsible for educating and optimizing the blood sugar level of Children, Adults and Pregnant women. She has this very important role in Dr. Herber Diabetes Centre in Biebrich/Wiesbaden Germany.

Summary of area of specialisation:

  • Diabetes Training (Endocrinology-Diabetology) 
  • ICT-Training Type 1 
  • ICT-Training for Type 2
  • CT-Training
  • CSII-Insulin Pump Training.
  • Special Training for Children, Youths and Parents.

Mrs. Schlegel is a medical Professional in Uni-Clinic Mainz/Germany

She is also the Association Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Mrs. Barbara Nitsche.

Very Active Executive Member


Dr. (emeritus) Klaus Nitsche