Diabetes Care West Africa is a project that I am managing as my personal contribution towards the fight against the chronic and Non-communicable disease called “Diabetes”. Looking at the statistical Information from International Diabetes Federation and World Health Organisation, it is scary to see the rate at which diabetes is developing. It is now very important, not only to creat diabetes awareness but also to conduct screening sessions as many as possible, because experience has shown me that there are lots and lots of people moving around with high blood sugar level without knowing and not even aware of it's complications.

Here are some random selected Pictures I shot with my small digital Camera.



There are different ways of meeting famous people and when you are lucky to meet them, get their autograph or take a snap with them ... hahaha 

I visited the Sanofi Pavillion where they were conducting Cholesterol test

We love beautiful colours

...And the school Kids cannot understand why the Adults decided to push the car instead of driving it....

If you do not have money to take ride like this and get your goods to the Market, then you have no choice. You have to do it this way...

Hey! don't you have a dance-partner or what? Are you expecting one from Germany? Forget it, you can't get all your heart desires from Germany.


Clinique Dr. Barreut, the only well-equipped Diabetes Clinique where I refer my patients.


World Diabetes Day introduced 1991 by IDF and WHO, celebrated every year since then with a global aim of creating more diabetes awareness, marked the birthday of Frederick Banting and Charles Best who created the idea that led to the discovery of Insulin in 1922. We celebrated this year’s WDD 2011 in Clinique Dr. Barreut in Lomé/Togo. A lot of people were screened and adviced for free on this day.


A Diabetes screening session in Private University in Klikamé Lomé/Togo. Over 300 students were screened and 14 students appeared to pre or diabetic.Some confessed that it is in their family but they did not know that they already have it. I adviced them, referred them to Diabetologist and offerred them Glucometer.


A group Photo with the Pre and diabetic Students, with me on the right.

Here is the mother of Abigal.

Allow me to introduce Monsieur Abdulahi Zibo Insulin-dependent one of the 14 Children, the father told that almost all the money he makes from the little business he is doing, goes into medicine/Insulin for his son. How could not explain how his son got the sickness. Abudulaye  got from me this Insulin Pen which was donated to me by Mrs. Claudia Leippert and Monika Pfeiffer. Unfortunately I could not buy Teststrips for them this time around. Maybe I would get some before I travel back in May 2012.


Celine came lime light when she proudly injected her Insulin before coming with other children to honour my invitation. After the normal dlucose test her sugar was almost 600mg. Dr. Barreut was immediately informed and he found out that the Insulin she injected expired 2 years back and had no effect. Dr. Barreut had no Insulin in-stock and Celine’s mother had no money to buy just a bottle.Money or no money Celine must take Insulin at that moment. Luckly for her I had some Insulin Left and that she got. All thanks to Mrs. Leippert.


When it comes to sickness, there is no need asking “why me” Monsieur Anas Radji is the only person in the family with Diabetes and Insulin dependent. He is about 22 years old and has being fighting his way through life. He is in the University. He lost his father years back. He is struggling to graduate but the issue of the cost of Insulin is giving him a lot of concern. Am doing all I can to make sure he graduates and he promised to join the Diabetes Awareness campaign after graduation. He got the Insulin Pen and some packets of insulin Injection suspensions. 

This child came all the way from Kpalimé to Lome(121km, one way) just to see me and collect his present(some Insulin- and InsulinPen). He will do everything  just to survive. He knows that he does not fight, he will surely die.

... this is just part of the support I got, that enabled me to carry out the diabetes awareness creation and free screening sessions in W/Africa for the past four years....

One of the workshops I organised for Insulin dependent Children in Dr. Barreut Clinique  Lomé/Togo


A group Photograph taken with the Children, after the workshop.

...a mother giving her daughter Insulin shot after I donated to her some packets, in one of my trips...

Diabetes can be hereditary. Here is a case in point. A brother a sister I found out to be diabetic after an oral glucose tolerant Test (OGTT. After a short interaction with them,  I found out that it has being in their family but nobody knew about it. I referred them to a doctor and gave them meter for a continuous monitoring of their blood Glucose.

After screening 118 people in Kara/Togo, I found out that these Adults have being living with high blood sugar level without knowing. They were informed that the screening would be a fasting Test and not OGTT nor random test. Now they became aware of the situation and the importance of regular Blood sugar monitoring, so they all got the meter from me.A workshop on how to use it was equally conducted for them.

...the people are not all that lazy, Some diabetes patients are ready to be economically active in order to sustain themselves. They knew already that they would not get my support forever. So some of them that attended a domestic Science course, got fairly used sewing machine. I promised many and I still pray and hope to fullfil my promise to them....

Sometimes the people find it difficult to believe that someone can give them a present that would have something to do with their life.. But it's a reality. I support whoever I found out to be diabetic, morally, emotionally and otherwise.

Well, there is no better way of picking up Donations sent from Germany than a taking a Bike-Taxi. It would be better to take a safer means....

...this is one of the dangers of taking a Bike Taxi....

As a matter of fact, I cannot sit down, fold my hands and wait for peoples donation. I work to earn some money to carry on this program. Of course assistant and motivation is highly and urgently needed.

Curious people came to our Info Stand. Some find it difficult to believe that poor people can suffer from Diabetes too!!!