--------------TOGO DIABETES SCREENING TOUR------------------------------ FEBRUARY/MARCH 2018---------------------------------Hello beautiful people. I have not really being 'hibernating'. Instead I have being working hard, saving money and collecting materials for my next trip. In Feb. 2018, I was ready enough to honor yet another invitation from "AIDES MEDICALES ET CHARITE (AMC)_Togo. This time I got materials that enabled me conduct Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) as confirmation test. At the end of my 3 weeks program, it dawn on me that I have to do more than early detection of diabetes as stipulated in the Statue of our Association. Meanwhile I am in discussion with a potential Partner, on how to create a sustainable diabetes Caring Center in this particular community. The result of this 3-weeks program and how to go about it alone, is really going to be a formidable challenge to me. I have never given up and I will not give up now until I archive a positive results. Here are some Pictures before and after the confirmation Test.. Here are some photos...

The Parish Priest of this church was able to mobilize the congregation and I had a great turn-out

The Priest even came to the Hall to tell the people why it is very important to do the diabetes test, afterall it is for free.

A Patient with high level Fasting result, was invited for a Glucose tolerance Test, and after 2 hour he was still having over 500mg/dl.A clear case of Diabetes. The doctor made prescription and I donated some packets of Metformin and Glucometer/Test strips.


A group photo taken with limited number of Gloves depicting the Motto of the Campiagn.

Supervising, Testing, Calculating BMI during the event Kara/Togo

"DIABETES  STOPPEN_Jetzt" a German version of "Stop Diabetes_Now" campaign moves down to OGBAKU Community of Imo State Nigeria

... if teaching, talking and /or exxplaining things to the best of my knowledge, will make me live longer, nothing can stop me from doing exactly that....

The campaign goes on.

DIABETES CARE WEST AFRICA e. V. happily welcomes our new and enthusiastic Partner, a Science-inclined degree holder, Mrs. Gbemisola Adio. After taking an online course with one of our specialist, she was able to prove her worth by organising and conducting a diabetes screening session in Akure/Ondo State of Nigeria, with the material we sent to her.

Diabetes Care West Africa e. V. proudly presents Mrs. Adio.

A photo collage from her activities on that day



WIESBADEN PATIENT'S DAY 11. April 2015 (Part Of The Activities Of The German Internists Association's Congress)

Hand written is more personal....

Diabetes Care West Africa e. V. is participating actively in the world-wide "STOP DIABETES_ now" campaign 


I was there representing D.C.W.A.-Togo. It's always good to attend and participate in such activities. It provides opportunities for one to get to know and have contacts with common interest.....

D.C.W.A e.V have strong contact and work with the best and quality products of well known companies.... 

....to intensify the practical part of my knowledge as Diabetes educator(DDG), I went in for extra training in Main-Kinzig-Hospital(MKK), Gelnhausen/Germany

I was invited to talk to and conduct a free diabetes screening session in a Dispensary of the village called Togokomé about 30mins. drive from Lomé.and if possible help them to set up a diabetes Care Unit.

... with the help of Dr. James, I was able to inform the people about diabetes.

Some good-hearted german medical Students who travelled along with me......

...assisted me immensly.

A call came in from London asking me to save the life of  a boy with type 1 Diabetes. I cannot say NO, as long as I still have the means to render help. I demanded for his telephone number, called and invited him.

His name is Happy (23years old) and he was happy at the end.

However, what I was able to give him only last him, maybe 1 or 2 Months.

He wishes to live  another 23 years, but without external help, that would remain a dream for him just like many others in Togo.

...having seen the appalling Insulin supply situation, we decided to augment our "insulin-For-All" Program by setting up the same program in this Hospital (Hopital du Be/Lome)

We mounted a Banner informing the people about the program....

Assisting and supporting Togo Air Force Base Clinic in Niamtougou, near Kara(North of Togo). to start screening and educating Staff within the Base and if possible people around the base. 

Haemodialysis Unit of the CHU-Tokoin had one day open house and invited the public for a free Urinalyses and consultation. Because of the expensiveness and difficulties in getting Blood sugar test Stripes, the appeal came to me to conduct the diabetes screening session. 

That I did with all pleasure....

.....while the Nurses carry out the Urinalysis...

...and the doctors offering their free consultation....

Screening in Château du Pya near Kara


A communique was issued and publicized

We screened, adviced the people and...

...and supported the people with diabetes....

Screening continued in the hospital, even though I went back to Togo for other appointments.


After the Diabetes Education and Screening Session some of the Diabetes Patients in this Community, who realized the seriousness of the sickness, stayed back to discuss with me on what I intend to do next in order to take  care of them since no one else does. The result of the meeting is...

... motivated me in assisting them in their effort to complete this building where

Diabetes Care West Africa e. V. (Germany) intends to convert to a Diabetes Center to be named "Bassar Diabetes Zentrum".

The Center is not yet finished, and it needs to be furnished on completion. Support is needed to finish it up and things like Computer/s Printer/s, Fridge/s, Standing-, Table Fans or Air-Condition among other things would be needed before we could start working.


Here the Project Director of D.C.W.A e.V. about to board the flight to Lome´/Togo on the 27th of September 2012, in CDG International Airport Paris.

On the 1st of October 2012, I was invited by the Togo Minister of Health Prof Kondi Agba who, after our private discussion, fixed a Lunch meeting (02.10.12) with the coordinators of the PNLMNT. From right to left: Dr. Tossu (President of Togo National Diabetes Association), Prof. Kondi Agba (Togo Minister of Health), Mr. Ezeani George (Project Director, Diabetes Care West Africa e. V. Germany), Dr. med. Tayi Tchamdja (Director of Diabetes Program), Dr. med. Kokou H. Aguodavi (Coordinator of PNLMNT-Togo)

ATD participates in the IDF program "Life for a Child". About 15 Type-1 Children exhausted their Teststrips(Bandelette) and their next ration comes in January 2013 (according to Dr. Tossu who appealed to me for support). I had to restructure my program and made available a packet of 50 Teststrips to each of the 15 Children. Here a picture with some of them (03.10.2012)

...and then the screening....

Here medical Assistant Madame Founke educating the participants on Diabetes.

Same day but in the afternoon, I drove with Madame Amouzou to C.M.S. Tokoin Doumassesse and carried out diabetes education and screening.

Here Madame Amouzou giving diabetes education again in another C.M.S. also in their in local language.

...which is also followed as usual by a free diabetes screening....

Before I started with the screening, the Doctor first explained to them what Diabetes is all about and why it is important to get screened.

Diabetes Screening with a Flash Mob dance in Bé Hospital Lomé Togo on the 26.10.2012.

Blood Pressure was also measured.

Flash Mob dance while screening the people.

On the 08.11.2012, I took the first step towards reactivating the closed ATD activity in Kévé, about 150km away from Lomé, by conducting Diabetes sensibilisation and screening.

It started by a diabetes education in local language by Petite Jean Aziappe, a former ATD voluntary worker.

I added some missing points.

Some Custom Officers working very close to the Diabetes screening location came for screening..

The Administrator of the "Préfecture de Ave" with Kévé as Capital, also came for screening.

A group Photograph with some important people in the Préfecture de Ave.

World Diabetes Day- Nov. 14, 2012 was also the day PNLMNT was inaugurated.

Dr. Aguodavi introducing my Salsa Flash Mob Group before our performance.

I got permission to present a 5-minutes salsa Flash Mob dance before the commencement of the inauguration ceremony

The inauguration ceremony with dignitaries like the Togo World health Organisation representative Dr. M'PELE K. Pierre, Togo Minister of Health representative, etc

Leading by showing good example of the importance of controlling our blood sugar.

We also visited another Location where WDD activity was at the same time going on. Here Dr. Tossu educating the participants.


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The PNLMNT-Togo (Handout) 


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WDD (Nov.14.2012) in Lome/Togo: Press report 

On the 16.11.2012 I was invited to ISMAD, a private University to conduct a Diabetes education and Free Screening.

The interest and attention from the Students was great.

Here a screening session after the education.

Diabetes Care West Africa e.V. is gradually expanding it's activities. On this day "37th Wiesbaden International Summer Festival 2012" we erected an Information Stand where we explain to people who we are, what we do, etc.