About the association

Since 2007, we have been committed to helping people with diabetes in West Africa.

“Cluelessness costs people in Africa their lives. People die without knowing what they are dying from.”

George Ezeani, founder of the association

The history of the club

George Ezeani, a native Nigerian, has lived in Germany since 1992, where he worked for many years after completing his training as a medical-technical assistant (MTA). In 2006, George Ezeani learned that people were dying in his homeland without knowing why. In Nigeria there is a belief in voodoo and alarmingly high deaths have been attributed to this natural religion, but the complications of diabetes are often the cause. He used up his savings, flew to West Africa and has been committed to helping people with diabetes ever since.

The most important data at a glance

  • 2007 Foundation of Diabetes Care West Africa
  • 2008-2010 Twice a year diabetes education trips to West Africa (Togo)
  • 2011 invitation of the association to take part in the World Diabetes Day in Togo
  • 2012 Official approval of the Diabetes Program by the Minister of Health of Togo
  • 2013 Official invitation to screening and education by the "Center Medico Social" of Defale (northern region of Togo)
  • 2014 World Diabetes Day in Ondo Town / Nigeria with diabetes screening and education
  • 2015 winner of the Thomas Fuchsberger Prize
  • 2016 First visit of children with diabetes in Takoradi / Ghana
  • 2017 won the African Community Award Price

In 2015, George Ezeani won the Thomas Fuchsberger Prize with his project.

What we do

The base station is the former German colony of Togo, one of the poorest countries in West Africa. From there we start our advisory and training activities in different villages, which is always a challenge both in terms of logistics and transport technology.

We continuously collect insulin, insulin needles, blood glucose test strips, blood glucose meters, lancets and bandages in order to carry out free glucose measurements in villages. As far as we know, there is no one who offers this free of charge. The people there are very grateful, because very few know the disease and its long-term consequences.

Our goals

  • Early detection of diabetes
  • Continuous improvement of medical care through education
  • Carry out free blood sugar and HbA1c tests
  • Education seminars
  • Nutrition and cooking workshops

In West Africa, in addition to the possibilities of early detection, a lot of education about the disease and continuous improvement of medical care are needed.

Our team

George Ezeani

  • Founder and President of the Association
  • Medical-technical assistant (MTA)
  • Diabetes Assistant (DDG)

Ulrike Poehler

  • Vice President
  • Diabetes advisor (DDG) at Dr. Herber in Biebrich / Wiesbaden
  • Responsible for education, optimizing blood sugar levels in children, adults and pregnant women

Anani Tsotso Essé

  • Active member
  • On-site support in Lomé, Togo

Frau Schlegel

  • Doctor at the University Clinic in Mainz / Germany
  • PR officer of the association

Barbara Nitsche

  • Active member

Dr. (emeritus) Klaus Nitsche

  • Active member

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