La Journée mondiale du diabète 2022 est arrivée et repartie. Bien que je n'aie pas été personnellement présent cette fois-ci, le coût d'opportunité du vol a été investi dans la fourniture de matériel pour l'événement.

L’assistant de Tsotso effectuant un test.

Ici, M. Ben un assistant médical effectuant un test et discutant avec l’un des étudiants.

In an interview in the online magazine Blood Sugar Lounge, Tsotso reports on her commitment to people with diabetes in Togo.

That was World Diabetes Day 2021 in Togo ...

Right now I have no better way to describe this Trip.
After 5 months of part-time jobbing, saving and collecting materials, I was able to buy my flight ticket and other needed materials for the trip.

BERLIN♡GERMANY Diabetes Congress 2018. "He who ever stops learning, will become rusticated faster than he would believe" This Diabetes Congress is held annually and there is a reason for that. Among others... "

DIABETES SCREENING IN A CHURCH AT ABAGANA/ANAMBRA STATE NIGERIA: As I came back to Germany on Sunday (29.04.18) after a 3-week diabetes Program in Nigeria, I remembered and reflected on the say "Little drops of water make a mighty ocean".

-------------------------------Hello beautiful people. I have not really being 'hibernating'. Instead I have being working hard, saving money and collecting materials for my next trip. In Feb. 2018, I was ready enough to honor yet another invitation from "AIDES MEDICALES ET CHARITE (AMC)_Togo.